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How to Manage Our Income?

Yesterday I attended a seminar about financial planning. I was so excited because I like something about investment, sharia financial and sharia economic. It was presented by a famous financial planner, Ahmad Gozali. The fact is he was ex-graduated from my campus. Wow it’s surprising me.

How to manage our income? It was the beginning question from my head when I joined this event. Finally I got the good answer. After we get income and start to manage it, the first step is paying your God. Why does it become the first? The answer is clear, we have to grateful for the income from our God. We still get chance to share with the others. Then paying our debt. Remember debt will follow us till we dead. Furthermore is saving and the last one is shopping. It’s so interested. Most of people think that shopping first then saving. it’s  WRONG. When we think we can save our left income from shopping, It’s bullsh*t. Usually we don’t have any left income because we spend all of it. It’s humanity that we get so greedy when we have a lot of money so be careful with your money. The proportion that must be allocated is 2.5%-10% for charity, 20% for debt, 10% for saving and the left for shopping.

Remember, don’t seem rich but to be rich is more important.


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2 thoughts on “How to Manage Our Income?

  1. Eh, kapan nih acaranya? Di kampus ya? Aku ga tahu.. 😦
    Bagus ya masukan dari AG.. jadi bayar zakat itu justru jadi prioritas pertama ya.. Biasanya kan yang pertama itu kalau ga bayar utang, nabung, atau belanja2..

    Posted by fairuzdarin | June 18, 2013, 6:54 pm
    • hari minggu kemarin mb.. iy, yg ngadain anak2 D4…
      acaranya buat penyambutan D4 dan D3 khusus angkatan baru…

      pay your God first!!
      nah itu, aku juga selama ini beranggapan seperti mb reni eh ternyata itu kurang benar… baru tahu juga.. 😀

      Posted by purbono19 | June 18, 2013, 8:21 pm

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